Travel Gears

February 3, 2008


Two of my teachers came back after 40 years. This is Mr. Richard Schatz and I at Merapok Bazaar, now as you can see is abandoned. It was here that he made the last stage of taking two horses to the school in a logging barge with the help of two dazed school boys.

He came as a Peace Corp teacher from 1966 to 1968. He remembered our names and that we were very small. We never said good-bye then, we were so young so he came back in 2007 and I organised the Class 66 Reunion and then finally said good-byes on 9th February 2007.

Richard now is a Professor of Economics at Withworth University, Spokane, USA. And we are doing well too.

Down memory lane of the secondary school with those students. Note that there are air-cons units now while we had only fans.