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February 23, 2008


Here were 4 members of Bario-Bakelalan Rainforest Trekking expedition while one was taking the snapshot and another guide has left earlier with our extra luggage.

The white guy is the German fella whose work is jalan kaki, walking/travelling. He has been travelling the past 20 odd years to Asia but many times to Malaysia and Indonesia. He was here last year but this year he plans to challenge of Mt. Murud. He must be a crazy guy with short pants exposing himself to mosquitoes and the leeches, the Dracula of the rainforest. In fact one leeche managed to crawl up my neck and sucked me.

So who were more prepared for the 3-days trekking? The local dressed as if they were going to play football in the jungle and did not look fit as the middle bulges showed. I will tell you more of my adventure in the next posting.

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Nessa said...

Hi Sani!

Thanks for dropping by at Mumblings and leaving your comment :) I can't stand the sight of leeches. I'd probably faint if I see on my skin!

Have a pleasant weekend.