Travel Gears

March 31, 2008


After a lunch of wrapped Bario rice, jungle ferns and sardines at about 12pm we continued with our jungle trekking. It was cool and fresh even in this tropical afternoon. After meeting the young Japanese man with a camera and a young Czech couple, we now met school children, about 15 of them. They were student of the Bario Secondary School, a government boarding school from the children of the rainforest in the middle of Borneo.

March 23, 2008

Travelling and Trekking in the Rainforest of Borneo: A Young Czech Couple

At about mid-day of our first day of trekking from Bario to Bakelalan in the middle of Borneo rainforest we met this young Czech couple. Like we did, they also engaged a trained tourist guide. They were well covered with long trousers and real jungle boots. Get the right travel and trekking gears and equipment. Cameras, now very light and user friendly, a handy campanion. As you can see the traditional travel gear and equipment is the staff, or tongkat from cut of a small tree. It was very useful to me either going up or going down steep and slippery slopes that sometime took more than an hour.

March 19, 2008


In the rainforest jungle of Borneo I expect to see dracula of the rainforest, the leeches, snakes, hornbills, big trees and exotic plants. I least expected to meet people from other countries except for the strange German guy.
Soon after we started our trekking, an hour of so later we met with this Japanese young man walking alone along the jungle road with the friendly camera. I brought along my Nikon Coolpix camera that can take more than a thousand shots some you could see them here. Preserve and share your memories and sceneries.
This planet of ours is really just one global village. Let us be friends and live in peace.

March 8, 2008


These se are the draculas of the rainforest, the leeches or pacat. Now you will appreciate our football socks (panty hose is even better). Trekkers cannot escape from these sucking animal, so the next best thing is to prevent them from getting to your skin, especially your legs. The other parts of your body seem to be safe. Short sleeves shirt, t-shirt is okay. In my case, however, it could crawled upto my neck like the real Bulgarian dracula (I have read the bestselling novel, The Historian). The crazy German from Munich wore only shorts and stingy socks. Malaysians even treat the dracula with Dunhill cigarettes, sprinkle the tobacco on the socks and shoes. Who are more crazy in going trekking? Both the German and Malaysians are all crazy. That German guy is Berhard. More crazy things in the next postings.