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September 10, 2008

Tattoo For Your Hands: Exotic Design For New Fashion Trend Pt.3

This is the final part on tattoo for your hands showing the mystical motifs and designs created by the indigenous Dayaks of Borneo.  It illustrates the upper and lower hand that will completely cover your hands and make them real cool and fashionable.  Something unique and mystical to show of when you shake hands with other people.  You can add rings with large gems for your fingers, be it diamond, gold, ruby or American diamonds.  

September 1, 2008

New Book

This book covers constitutional history and discusses the Federal system of Government under the Constitution involving, inter alia, the distribution of Legislative and Execuitive powers, the rights and responsibilities of Federal and State Governments, the sharing of revenues and financial burdens and functions between the Federal Government and the States, the special protection for Sabah and Sarawak and the amendments.

The book is published 45 years after the formation of Malaysia at a time when it is so vital to carefully reflect on how this nation is moulded by the many historical events and challenges ... that preceded its birth, and by a Constitution so carefully and skillfully crafted to provide for the emergence of a strong, stable and functional Federal system of Government best suited for a multi-racial society.

It is published by Sweet and Maxwell Asia, a division of Thomson, Kuala Lumpur and launched on 29 August 2008 in Kuching, Sarawak.  The book would be of interest to political leaders and administrators involved in the management of Federal-State relationships, judicial officers, legal practitioners, politicians as well as teachers and students of laws, history, politics and government.