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July 19, 2008


RWMF, the famous acronym for Rainforest World Musice Festival, aptly began its 11 edition on the 11th July 2008.  11 years ago, a Canadian musician, I now only remember as Randy, chatted with me on his idea of world music festival.  Later I hosted his talk at the Sarawak Museum where he sold the idea by playing several Borneoan traditional musical instruments in either a western country styles or pop rock tempo.  He came back last year but I missed him and the show.

The local media rated this year festival as the best.  The number of audience too is higher coming from all over the world.  The hotels and flights were full, especially the Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia.

Its success may also becomes its downfall.  The officials want more tourists, a bigger crowd and that means the present site at the foot of the legendary Santubong Moutain, that creates an outstanding ambience and setting, will be moved somewhere else.  Nonetheless enjoy it will it lasts, it seems nothing is permanent.  So get your cameras and videos to preserve the great show.

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