Travel Gears

April 20, 2008


You hope to see many exotic plants when trekking in the virgin rainforest.  My fellow travellers and I came across these.  At the top is the protected but familiar exotic pitcher plant, in Malay periuk kera - monkey cooking pot! Perhaps not so exotic but more frightening because this plant eat up insects that fall inside it.  Carnivorous plant, so be careful.  A real big one may swallow big animals.  The second photograph is real exotic; real wild orchid and friendly too as it grows near to the ground.  The third photograph is a giant fern.  I have not seen it before.  A real giant and real exotic this one.  It is harmless too.

Have a camera will travel really. I  brought along the new Nikon Coolpix, very light and easy to use.  But there many models in the market to shop for a camera for travels.